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Sharok-Tal :iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 6 15
FFM31: Symphony of the Night
"Beloved," he says. He sighs.
Mena is afraid, more afraid than she has ever been.
He wears dark silks in rich blues, the delicate bones of a bird secured to the fabric. His skin is bloodless, pale, and his nails hooked like talons. He is like a piece torn from the night sky. Beautiful.
He looks heart broken.
"Just one kiss," he says. And it will be over.
One kiss. One time. She won't be weak, not again. His power will be hers. Ours, she thinks, ours.
She closes her eyes as he whispers her name.
She kisses him.
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 3 8
FFM30: The Monsters We Know
"Are you ready for this?" Kyle asks.
Desdemona isn't, but she nods anyway. They sit in the darkness, waiting, watching the clock.
She tolerates a lot of things she shouldn't. Rudeness is the worst of it. Entitlement is the not so little sister of that offense. She has been pushed and screamed at. She has had to listen to the spew of vitriol so vile it should count as abuse---under the banner of "the customer is always right".
"You're a dumb bitch, you know that?"
"I can get this cheaper at the other store. You HAVE TO sell it to me for your competitor's prices."
"I only need one minute. Let me in."
"I know your boss. You'll lose your job for this!"

She has heard the last one so many times. Well. Go right the fuck ahead.
The customer is not always right. People are shitty and flawed and they will always be. They're more wrong than right, really.
But with coffee all things are possible. For now. Some day, it's going to stop working, and when it does, gods help them all. I
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 4 11
Mature content
FFM29: The Man Who Fell From Earth :iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 1 4
FFM28: Blark's Grimwyrms
The egg was lavender with silver spots. It was six feet tall and roughly four feet wide. It was the only one of its kind when it landed on the White House front lawn.
But a few hours later, there were seventeen. The next day there were four hundred and twenty. By the end of the week there were forty seven thousand in all parts of the world.  The shell was impenetrable It was too thick to scan.
No one could guess what was growing inside.
For the first month, everything was fine. But strange.
Then, the grass around them started to wither. The trees died. The scientists brave enough to study them sickened---the first to die did so on a Tuesday. And the eggs did nothing. They just sat there, looking ridiculous.
They didn't even give off a proper amount of radiation to be deadly. There was no excuse. They should have been harmless.
But they weren't.
By the end of the summer, much of the world was uninhabitable. The people who were well enough to move, did. They left their houses. They
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 1 6
FFM27: Glittering in the Void
Raya hates the stars.
The white hot glitter against the void makes her ache for home. She would fight a thousand wars if it meant never again sleeping crammed together, two by two, like dolls in a metal coffin.
But home is dead. Ship is what remains.
Until Marauders come again.
Raya fights.
Ship screams.
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 3 4
Mature content
FFM26: How Athena and Caillen Became Vampires :iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 1 6
Mature content
FFM25: The Gnomes Come Marching :iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 3 18
FFM24: Happy Ending
He made the walls vibrate with his shitty music. Sometimes he'd start as early as one A.M. It seemed like it was always loud, always hopelessly thrumming through the plaster.
When neighbors tried to speak to him, he ignored them---he turned the music louder, stopped answering the door.
But it's quiet now.
It is.
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 2 10
FFM23: When the Dragon Comes
Shain was born a shifter, a bear. He always knew what he was. He didn't remember his first time. Or his second. His third. It just always was.
He had his clan. He didn't know there were people who couldn't change. He didn't know there were people who would fear them.
Until the hunters came and broke bread with them. Until they slept.
Then, he knew what it was like to be trapped in one form. He learned the cold sting of iron. He learned to hate.
The hunters took the children, they took Shain. They left the rest to rot in the sun.
He did not return to the village. He couldn't.
The boy was ashen faced, but Neria imagined hers was much the same at the sight of it all. The hunters kept them in cages like animals. With little shade and little water.
No wonder Sokana sent her here.
No wonder.
She counted a dozen, at least. She doubted the oldest was out of his teens. They were all children. They were all hollow eyed and frightened. They were desperate.
Well. That was unfortunat
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 7 14
Mature content
FFM22: They Twitch, They Move :iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 3 17
Mature content
FFM21: No Thank You :iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 0 13
FFM20: I Hate Everything About This
Things had been weird since the apocalypse. One minute everything was burning and they were out of food, but the next, it was sunny skies and crop surpluses. Maybe it was god. Jeffrey didn't know, didn't care, he was just glad he didn't have to starve to death.
But yeah, the weirdness had gotten out of hand.
Jeffrey stared at the purple furred, bunny mascot---it was licking the sidewalk outside his apartment. Because, of course it was. He wasn't sure if that was the worst part or if it was the fact he couldn't see the zipper or any kind of seam in what had to be fuzzy fabric.
The mascot was looking less and less like a creepy cartoon costume and more and more like a horrifying mistake of nature. Jeffrey shut the blinds. He turned back to his coffee maker and wondered if someone had slipped acid into his dark roast blend before or after he turned the machine on.
There was a heavy splat outside and then another and then another. He didn't want to look but he had company and they sure as
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 3 15
FFM19: Troll Slayer
It is all Rinne can do just to put one foot in front of the other. Melchor and Cerberus howl and come running up the path. They greet her even before she reaches the door.
She sees Adrian through the window, his face pale, unshaven. She sees at least two days worth of stubble. She sees San squirming in his arms, trying to look.
He gets the door open before she can quiet the dogs.
"Where the hell have you been?" he asks, his voice too sharp, too loud.
He shifts San to his hip, angles him away from her when he reaches for her. Adrian is going to yell some more, and maybe she deserves it, but he stops. His eyes go wide as he takes in the state of her.
"What happened?" he asks. He lets her take San and then he's pulling her inside. He's trying to peel her out of her armor, but it is difficult because her arms are full of crying, squirming baby. Cerberus tries to jump on her. Melchor holds up a paw and whines. She has been gone for too long. They are all a nervous, anxious mess.
Adrian bloc
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 6 13
FFM18: Prehistoric Television
Sky fire comes. Strange rock falls. Trees burn. Many die.
Grog sees face in rock---small people---many noise---loud. Mother says more fires come. Brother cry. Grog smash rock.
Tiny people die. No more sound. No more light.
Grog watch sky. Always watch. No more fire comes.
"Assistant Y-17, Monitor 3 is missing," Professor X-3BSA said, horror dawning. But Assistant Y-17 was on break. He hadn't bothered to sign out or check the monitor back in.
"Oh god," Assistant Y-27 said. She pointed to the restricted platform, and Professor X-3BSA now knew exactly what had happened.
The time vortex was still active.
Assistant Y-17 had just cost them all their jobs.
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 0 10
FFM17: Failed Campaign
They clung to the dragon's back, to the shimmering scales. When it turned, it nearly knocked them loose. The +10 bag of holding wrenched out of her hands. The contents spilled out.
Her staff shattered.
"Alli, come on," he said, "There's got to be something---"
"No," she said and she despaired.
The dragon laughed.
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 3 10

Random Favourites

The One Apart
We were born together, have lived together, have eaten and drunk together. We will die together when the time comes (and it will come, it will come soon). All our lives, all that we have done we have done together.
But now my brothers lie exhausted, each alone, in their rooms on either side of mine. I can feel their exhaustion, their exhilaration, their awe. I can feel the shreds of arousal still clinging to them between fear and shame. I have fear enough of my own, and shame, and revulsion – though that last is mine alone: it is cruel that I must feel my brothers' pleasure and none of my own, though that pleasure be laced with fear. For my brothers have lain with the Morrígna; but I –
Three crows came to our window this day. Three crows became three women, each fierce and beautiful and oh, it hurt to look on their faces. My elder brother was taken by Macha, and she enthralled him. He will go into battle to serve her; he will sway the tide of battle to serve her
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 5 20
it takes a village
hathi struggles, the shaft
draws at her skin, swelling
with rainwater and sticky with mud.
hathi breathes, paddling
and scrambling, and nobody says
Darwinism, nobody says no.
we see only an infant.
we don't speak, we just move.
hathi tires and we are fist deep,
tunneling a new path,
an arrow to the jungle.
hathi breathes, heaves
herself aground, and nobody says
anything. we watch her leave.
:iconcamelopardalisinblue:camelopardalisinblue 5 1
Through Black and Lonesome Night
I went my way through black and lonesome night:
the stars that shone there shimmered not for me.
And though I stayed nearby them, as to thee,
I ever waned, in shadow from thy light.
The sun I mirrored ever shone too bright;
it burned my eyes to come too close to thee.
I knew the blackness, then. It blinded me:
I never knew what bode beyond my sight.
As one, we'll tear that lonesome black apart:
the moon will rise, and to ye both I'll bind
my life and self; I'll break the boundless bars
I caged myself within; I'll find my heart;
and one day I'll look heavenwards to find
my skies are strewn with sparkling suns and stars.
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 5 8
Furiosa by Harlequin-Werewolf Furiosa :iconharlequin-werewolf:Harlequin-Werewolf 10 0 The Gamma Gals #1 - Cover by ffnb The Gamma Gals #1 - Cover :iconffnb:ffnb 4 0
Chaptered Prose vs. Stand-Alone Prose
Or "When should I do one and not the other?"
Or "What will work for the piece I'm writing?"
"In a standalone you can only say as much as you NEED to say, in a chaptered story you can expand to as much as you WANT to say". (Thanks to TheMaidenInBlack for that!)
Disclaimer: It's actually not that simple, but as a starting point, it works!
Basically, this article will go over the pros and cons of writing a stand-alone piece and a chapter story. I hope this article helps you make the right choice!
Chapter Prose
Ability to explore the story/setting/characters in-depth.
It's basically a novel or novella if it gets long enough.
Immersive in nature, meaning your reader will be sucked into a fleshed-out world!
Plot. You're able to develop and sustain a longer plot.
There is a wider possibility of events and/or you can create a longer chain of events.
:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 35 32
Preview - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 7 by ffnb Preview - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 7 :iconffnb:ffnb 3 0 Preview - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 1 by ffnb Preview - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 1 :iconffnb:ffnb 1 2 Gravity Of The Situation by NanoMortis Gravity Of The Situation :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 4,723 81 Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1 Cover A by ffnb Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1 Cover A :iconffnb:ffnb 1 2 Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 13 by ffnb Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 13 :iconffnb:ffnb 4 2 Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 11 by ffnb Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 11 :iconffnb:ffnb 2 0 Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 8 by ffnb Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 8 :iconffnb:ffnb 2 2 Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 10 by ffnb Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 10 :iconffnb:ffnb 2 0 Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 9 by ffnb Sneak Peek - The Gamma Gals #1, Page 9 :iconffnb:ffnb 2 0
Chapter 1 - Graduation
“Today is the day that you all get your assignments.” The teacher speaking was none other than Kevin, the hardest teacher to please and the toughest trainer. “You all went to a specialized school to become the best at what you were already decent at. Some of you are Scavengers, going to the surface to try to find things of use. Others are Enforcers, the muscle trained in hand-to-hand combat to help keep the shops safe. A few are Engineers, taking what the Scavengers bring down to try getting it to work again. Then there are the Snipers, the small group that will be our first line of defense against anyone or any thing that tries to invade the city. If you are all here, you’ve all graduated your specializations and now you’re here to know where you stand. When I call you name, please stand and listen carefully to your assignment. Before I get into that remember that just because you have this new job, doesn’t mean that you’re going to get out of
:icondreamingautumn:DreamingAutumn 3 2
Well. It's not terrible. For the most part.

It does feel like it improves certain areas that were lacking in the earlier Mass Effect games. No star child bullshit, for one thing. There's more freedom in character classes. There are alien ladies instead of just a bunch of dudes. I'm probably forgetting something, but the truth is I'm bored.

I don't like the characters (except for Kesh). I don't like the protag, Ryder, and almost all the dialogue choices make me stabby. The combat isn't terribly enjoyable. The story isn't that interesting (and trust me when I say I am first in life for space survival shit). The side quests are dull and there are faaaar too many of them.

If you've played do you know if any of the "additional tasks" actually affect the ending? I really don't want to do any more of them. I spent an hour riding around Eos trying to trigger the right bullshit to drop. It was dumb. I felt dumb.

All in all, once I finish my play through, I don't know that I'll play it again. And I played Mass Effect 1-3 many, many, many times each. I'd give it a solid MEH. Not great but not bad. I'll beat it once but am in no real hurry. I'm a little worried about Dragon Age to be honest.

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