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First, I want to give a big thank you to RainbowMonkeh, for giving me a year membership! I had been thinking about getting one for a while, but I couldn't have been more surprised to login and discover her gift. :D

And since I was hoping to do another feature, I'd like to start by linking you all to her Aurora series.…  If you're in an apocalyptic fiction kind of mood, I would definitely check her gallery out. Here are a few of my favorites:
Stealth TestSlowly she moved through the empty buildings, listening for anything that told her where he was. Kevin was stalking her and she was stalking him, or at least that was how it would go until one of them snuck up on the other and landed a killing strike.
Aurora had been in school six years now, learning how to survive if she ever decided to leave the city, or if she was forced to. She’d quickly moved up to the head of her class. She was formidable in hand to hand combat, pistols she was only out classes by the teachers, rifles she could shoot until the end of time and never miss her target, no matter what she was shooting, moving or otherwise, and when it came to stealth she had the advantage of being thin and lean, a trait that she got from her mother. There was no one who stood against her at least no one her age, which was why her stealth test wasn’t with another student; it was with the master of stealth, Kevin.
In order to pass the exam she needed to sneak up on him befor
School“Listen up kiddies,” Kevin said as he paced around the large school room with his arms behind his back and looked at the students in front of him seated in two rows. There were fewer this year than there were the year before and there would probably be even fewer the years after if birth rates followed the trend. “Play time and fun is over, you’re in school and you’re here to learn. You will learn self defense, you will learn to shoot, to disassemble guns, clean guns, reassemble the guns, and learn about everything that goes bump in the night that is trying to kill you.” A small hand in the back shot up, drawing his attention. “Yes?”
“Are we going to learn to fight with weapons? Like those things that go over your knuckles when you punch someone?” Kevin knew exactly who was talking but didn’t acknowledge who it was, in this setting it was better not to even look like you were going to have favorites.
“Yes, you will
Temptation"You have to choose, Aurora." Aurora looked up to take in the man speaking to her. He was tall, a bit shorter than Kevin, probably closer to her own height of five foot seven inches. His broad shoulders blocked the light behind him and she was barely able to make out his shadowed features. The fact that one eye was swollen shut didn't help either.
"You want me to choose between a life of addiction so you can control me or a life running from you because you want me dead since I know your brother better than you do. It's not much of a choice here, Daddy-o," Aurora  smiled up at him. "There is no temptation in your words, because I know you just as well as I know Kevin." He frowned and then back handed her across the cheek. Aurora tipped over in her chair and laid on the ground glaring up at him. "I won't tell you anything. You can go fuck yourself," Aurora added.
"You have a smart mouth, something you got from your mother." He reached down and lifted her off the ground. Her lip was

I'd also like to feature some more of the flash fiction pieces I've been enjoying this month. If you're in the mood for some flash fiction, (and this is just a very small portion of the wonderful pieces being written this month) I hope you'll give these a chance:
Bleekton BridgeThe bridge was empty when we reached it.
No one was talking, Reggie’s death was still ringing in our heads, especially for Dalia. I can still see his eyes spilling out of him, his mouth drowned in his own screaming as the bugs in him devoured his insides, not allowing him to die for a prolonged and painful death. The thought of it still makes me shudder and turn around, looking around me to replace the image.
Joe is ahead checking that there aren’t any bug spreads while the rest scavenged for anything useful. I kept watch with Julia on either side at the start of the bridge. I left the gun hang behind my hack and climbed up the column to get a better view of the area. The vision was depressing: cars stalled everywhere, smoke rising from many places, small fires all around, the stench of death riding up my nose. Thankfully there were no corpses nearby, and the few remains had already been consumed by those bastards.
I turned to the city on the other side of the bridge at the
Stupidity - FFM 2014 Day 8From the Hades that followed Death, I heard the voice of a fifth living creature saying, "Go." I look and behold, a small horse; and he who sat on it spoke many tongues, but few of which man spoke. And he was given no weapon, nor a fourth of the earth, but instead gave to whisper in man's ear these unknown tongues.
-Revelations ? : <3
They sat on their horses on the brink of civilization, waiting to act. One bone finger raised was the only thing stopping them from enacting devastation. Instead, they were forced to hold back. It was time for the new guy's turn.
"Oh come on!" The one on the white horse, Pestilence, complained loudly. "How come he gets a go? He can barely fit on his horse!"
"Says the one who already failed twice, changing their name just to get another go," commented the one on the black horse, Famine. The two were always at ends, especially when Pestilence called himself Conquest. To be fair, Famine wasn't on the best of terms with War, either, the two b
New Blood    Remy was on his way home from work when he came across the mugging in the alleyway. As he drew closer he caught the unmistakable scent of blood and sighed.
    He slipped into the alley and brought his hand down hard on the young vampire’s shoulder. The vampire turned on Remy, all fangs and hissing and posturing. Remy slapped him across the face.
    “Now stop that. I’m not here to steal your food. I’m here to save your unlife.”
    Before the vampire could respond, Remy thrust a handkerchief at him. “Clean yourself up. You look like a damned toddler.”
    That seemed to break through the bravado. While he cleaned himself off, Remy pulled out a pocket knife and ran it across the man’s throat, making sure to cut across the fang marks in the neck. A thin trickle of blood leaked from the cut, and Remy swore under his breath.
    “Were you starving? He’s damn near emp

FFM 11: Fateful InterviewIt’s been twenty-five years since I last saw Jonah Aitkins, and it’s amazing how much he’s changed.  The scrawny man-boy that I escorted to Golden Key Industries has grown into a CEO over the years, and has put on the weight and beard befitting the title.  However, he still has the same smile I remember from his childhood, and from the time before that, when he sat on my side of the veil with his own set of wings.  Those were good days.  Now, I’m the last guardian, and once again I find myself protecting a would-be employee of what may end up being the most important company on Earth.
Golden Key has moved out of its tiny ground-level office and into a building of its own, overlooking the Hudson.  Jonah is sitting at his desk on the top floor, hands folded in front of him while he examines his newest interviewee.  Maria doesn’t remember him any better than he remembers her, and the thought breaks my heart a little.  We use
CaptivesThey use zip ties now, the cops. This is different from the last time I was cuffed. I was expecting the cold metal bite of a cuff always a little too tight. These were worse, tighter, and the thin plastic pinched and felt like ligature wire against the bone.
They read me my rights, too. The woman cop, a head shorter than me with dull hair pulling the skin of her face tight against her skull. Her eyes looked dead, sunken. Shadowed by the shiny brim of her smart little hat.
She gripped my arm like I was trying to get away. My flight was over, if it had ever begun. What did I have to run from?
“Get in the car, Ma’am,” she said. “Watch your head.” Her hand shoved my head roughly under the  doorway. I felt tears, but I refused to give her the satisfaction.
“You have one phone call, Ma’am,” they said when we got to the station. “Do you have anyone to call before we book you in?”
I took it. I called the only person I needed to t
The Woman With No Name   The drums pounded, making the earth shake and the air tremble. The drummers kept the beat, muscles glinting with sweat in the firelight, eyes narrowed in concentration, lest one should change pace. There were other instruments, tribal and almost sinister beneath the full moon. The gathered villagers made no move to refuel the dying fires, their voices straining to be heard over the sinister music.
   The summoning of a God took precedence over all things.
   One, four, seven chanters fell dead with exhaustion. The summoning had started nearly a week before, but these were the first to die. They had slaves, outsiders, to offer food and water, bound to the villagers all and one. The outsiders were pale of skin and hair, weak and pitiful. The villagers were dark and strong, and their Gods had made it clear that they preferred them as sacrifices.
   One slave, a young woman with no name, was present when the God did finally appear. The God had at

Porta-Potty Tipping FFM9I pinched my nose and squatted over the Porta-Potty’s seat. Concerts are great with the live music and all, but the bathrooms are rank. Outside the door, I could hear the band playing and the crowd singing along. Then I heard something else: drunken slurs.
“Hey dudes, what if we, like, tip over a Porta-Potty?” Oh no.
“DUUUUUUDE!” I guessed there were three, four of them all together, and they were drunk enough to actually do it. I heard some high fives, the sloshing of beer falling onto the dirt, laughing, and stumbling. I prayed they didn’t choose mine.
One said, “Hey, I think Tommy is in this one!” They slapped the side of my Porta-Potty. I froze.
“TOOOMMMMYYYY!” they shouted together.
“It’s not Tommy! I swear to God this is not Tommy!” I yelled. I leapt up and pulled my pants up, zippering and buttoning them.
“God, Tommy, stop lyin’ to us! I’d know your voice anywhere!” the deeper v
FFM Day 11- Stick Up     Barely an hour had passed since the gun had gone off in the crowded bank. The red blossom on Sarah’s stomach had dried. Lights danced through the grey interior of the car. They drove through the night without headlights, soft music crackling through the radio, air vents blowing warm air around.
     “A/C’s broke again,” Thom sighed.
     “I noticed, babe,” Sarah said. His hand was on the steering wheel. One hand was free roaming up her thigh. She tangled her hands in her short blond hair to feel the texture of the strands. She enjoyed the hot air buffeting her face. She didn’t want to feel cool ever again. She wanted to burn up, to live like a matchstick and burn peoples’ fingers but never burn out. She enjoyed the static more than the music.
     The shot had been so loud. It hurt to remember it. The sound shot up through her temple and into her brain. It bor
CloneClones are so underrated. Nestled deep inside where no one can touch me, I sit back, relax, and flick at the controller in my hands. Get up, Clone. Take a shower. Pull on a shirt and jeans. Go to the breakfast table. Slide some eggs onto your plate. Act natural, careful, careful—oh! Down go the eggs on the placemat. The yolks break and run. Good going, Clone. Excellent. Now the parental units are alerted to your presence. No point activating the invisibility shield now.
Far away from where I watch, I poke at the controller buttons in irritation, trying to see if I can undo Clone’s actions. True, his graphics are topnotch, almost an exact likeness to my own features and mannerisms, but sometimes he likes to defy my commands. I’m the player, damn it. He’s just the avatar. Undo, undo, come on ... nope, cannot be undone.
“That’s too bad, dear,” the mother character clucks. “Have some hotdogs?” She slides two on Clone’s plate. The

The Mermaids and I   Honestly, all I’d wanted was to go for a swim. Our holiday house was on a hill near the most pristine lake I’d ever seen. Mum warned me the water would be cold, and that the lake was very deep, but my brother and I tested the waters at the edge of the lake. Despite the frost clinging to the grass, the lake was surprisingly warm.
   “Wait for me,” my brother warned, patting my hair like he patted our Labrador Charles. “I’ll be back with towels.”
   I didn’t wait for him. Giggling, full of mischievous intent that can only be found in the shallow mind of a child, I threw my clothes off and jumped into the water. It was warm, and Charles was barking at me from the edge of the lake. I swam out deeper, confidently using the strokes I’d been taught at swimming lessons.
   “Maria!” my brother called, running down the hill. I floated in the middle of the lake, grinning at him. “I s
The Dentist and the Dragon    Njall made his way up the side of the mountain and cursed his village elders. While they sat snug and warm in their houses, he was forced to endure the cold and the wind and the rain. And soon, he’d be face to face with a dragon.
    This was a job that should have been given to a real warrior, but the elders had argued that with the raiding season well underway, the village needed all the warriors they had to defend against possible invaders. Njall scowled. They could at least have given him a sword. His dentist tools wouldn’t be much use against a giant, fire-breathing lizard.
    The cave came into view as he rounded a bend in the path. A steady trail of smoke told him the dragon was at home. That was unfortunate for Njall. He had hoped the dragon wouldn’t be home
    The dragon hadn’t been seen in a week. The elders mused that perhaps dragons slept through the winter. An ear-splitting shriek put that theory right t
The Color Without a NameThere is no name for the color of my hair, but there is a small part of it just left of the back that I must always braid when I leave home, so my sisters told me. As long as I wear that braid, I will be safe and nothing can harm me.
There was a girl I loved who lived on the edge of the desert. She was a year older than I was, and a bit larger, and light-skinned and blue-eyed with hair like twilight. Rashkah was her name. We were friends at first, but then we were more: she would take me dancing, and she would hold me on her lap, arms tight around me, lips by my ears, and she would kiss my cheeks and my lips and my hair and my braid, and I loved her.
On my last night she ran her hands through my hair and found my braid between her fingers, and she whispered into my ear – won't you undo your braid for me? And I knew she meant more than that. I knew the words she never spoke.
And I wanted to say yes –
– but we were young, and my sisters had warned me so often tha

FFM#15: Happiness Currently Out of StockMavis sighed as she walked downstairs. Her sister was once again in their father’s armchair, oblivious to the maid attending to her. It had been two years since their father had died, and the poor girl hadn’t smiled since.
Today, Mavis would change that.
“Marianne, could you be a dear and tell Rochester to fetch a carriage? I want to go to market.”
Marianne bowed before leaving, allowing Mavis to inspect her sister.
Diana was pale and frail as always, her lifeless eyes glued to the flames of the fireplace. Mavis knelt down and began to scrub her sister’s arm with the soapy cloth Marianne had left behind.
Mavis had only been partially telling the truth: she was going to market, but not one her mother would approve of. The Nightshade Market was at the outskirts of town, almost into the Forest of the Fae. According to rumors, there was a small bakery that sold teas and pastries laden with any emotion one could name, run by a petite woman with a
LullabyThe telephone chimed loudly from the kitchen, which succeeded in both jolting Matt from a slumber into which he had not realize that he had succumbed, along with activating the baby monitor which transmitted a long distressed wail that originated upstairs.  It wasn’t long after he answered the call with a groggy ‘hello’ that his body stiffened violently, his lungs suffocating from the dread that knotted in his chest.
He wasn’t sure which terrified him more: the fact his wife had been struck and killed at the intersection or the fact that he could hear her voice through the monitor singing his baby to sleep.
Modern Monster SlayingThe three-headed dragon was massive enough to scrape the ceiling with its razor-sharp spines, roaring out, “Foolish mortal! I cannot be stopped by the faithful or the faithless, cannot be slain in a place where man may tread, and cannot be harmed by weapons forged by mortal hands!”
Tanya, an agnostic, continued stepping backwards until she'd drawn the beast into the woman’s restroom, and pulled the trigger on her 3-D printed handgun.

Now, if you're still wondering why I titled this Black Tiger, I'll get on with it. I ordered some coffee called Black Tiger. It's a dark roast, extra bold coffee, ordered randomly off amazon because it was a dark roast and I like tigers. Yeah, I know. I got issues. Anyway, it's quite fabulous. It's strong but unlike the wonderful Jetfuel, doesn't make my hands shake. It has a nice taste, none of that flat/stale crap stores have been selling in my area. Smells good too. All in all, it's a win.
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