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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 10, 2014, 8:59 AM

If you're looking for something to write, check out this contest! :D

Once Upon a Time in a Town Called ApocalypseUpdate: The contest folder is now OPEN!
Most of us [if not all] grew up believing that fairytales always ended in a "happily ever after"… But what if they didn’t? What if it all went horribly, terribly…even catastrophically wrong? What then?
Well, Dear Horde, this is where YOU come in…
We here at Apocalypse-writing  would like to introduce you to our latest apocalyptic contest.
Once Upon a Time in a Town Called Apocalypse
Contest Details
We want you to tell us a tale. A fairytale to be precise. About a town called "Apocalypse". A town at the end of the world. Where only the strongest of survivors reside.
:bulletgreen: Who would live in such a place? Are they friend or foe?
:bulletgreen: Are they kind-hearted? Or ruthless, cold-blooded killers?
:bulletgreen: What brought them there? Why do they stay?
:bulletgreen: By what means do the

Here are some wonderful pieces I'd love to share with you. If you have the time, check out their galleries! You won't be disappointed.

Like Vultures When We KissThere was vomit in her throat.
She scrambled out of bed and fumbled in the dark to the bathroom. If the door hadn’t been open she would have never made it. She lifted the toilet seat and let her stress spew from her mouth. The taste was terrible but it was cleansing.
She heaved heavy breaths and clung to the granite of the sink to keep balance. Her fingers stretched across the wall until finally she found the light switch. She flipped it.
The mirror didn’t do her any favors. She pressed her palm to her forehead to feel the heat. The bags under her eyes had grown more noticeable by the day. She was waiting for her producers to either point them out or tell her to “get it fixed”. Her fingers brushed across her eyelids and found their way to the bumps on her neck. She didn’t want to see what was there.
She grabbed her brush lying next to the toothpaste and stood straight, giving the mirror a crooked smile. “I’m Madeline Briarwood, Channel 5
when you're made from all the ugly thingsi don't have anything,
don't have anything, never had anything;
it's all only dust in my eyes
and depression clinging to my bones.
Gaia's new Autumn - a haiku -
this offering - rare
even more beautiful than
her usual fare
llp - dA - oct2014

Dead RingerWhen they shook hands, the first things John noticed about Gregory Treb were his fingers. “Piano-playing fingers,” his old woman would have said. They were long and lean- the kind more suited to detail work than heavy lifting. It wasn't a trait John had expected in a bellfounder.
He was sure Mr. Treb would disagree with this idea- just like he disagreed with everything John had said.
“That bell is a masterpiece.” The man flung his arm toward the stone chapel behind them. “You have no idea how many days went into making it. And now you're demanding a replacement?”
John sighed. “As town foreman, it's my job to make sure everything is working like it should. It's a nice bell, sure- rings real pretty. But it's a weak one.”
Treb's frown deepened. “You ordered a bell for services. Something like that needs to be soothing and sweet. Especially here!” He looked askance at the structure, then at the graveyard stretching behind it.
Unexpected“Drop your weapons!” Beth and Kevin stared at the group in front of them. They were outnumbered and out gunned. “Come on, do it!” They glanced at each other and slowly reached for their weapons.
“This is a bad idea for you,” Kevin said as he tossed a knife onto the ground in front of him. Beth’s revolver hit the ground beside it and she scowled.
“You’re out classed by us. This is a great idea. We’ll take your supplies too.”
“Karma is a bitch,” Beth commented as she took off her pack and tossed it on the ground with a glare. She was small and slight of build, but Beth could intimidate even the most hardened survivor with her glare. As the pack hit the ground there was a gunshot. Instinctively Beth and Kevin threw themselves onto the ground. The highwaymen scrambled around trying to find who was shooting.
“Get down!” The leader yelled as he tried to dive toward the ground. His head exploded a few se
The Karma Train‘There is nothing worse than going to school by tube!’ said Alice.
James had no reply.  They were hanging onto a pole in the middle of the carriage, swaying and bumping into each other, and into people on their way to work.  The train smelt of sweat, coffee and clothing.  The only passengers to acknowledge each other were those in school uniform.  The rest stared through each other, or over each other’s heads, expressionless and silent.
The next station is Southgate.
‘I’m never getting a tube again after school’s finished,’ said Alice.  ‘Well, not in the rush hour, anyway.  I mean, look at these people!  What a bunch of zombies!’
For a moment, James  tried to shrink into his school shirt like a tortoise into its shell.  Then he realised no one was looking at them.  Alice was right.  They were zombies, and not the flesh eating kind.  They saw noth

robobrains! by LudvikSKPSpace Worm by Aktheneroth Toxic Pit by ChrisCold
Opera House by shimamoriThe Gamma Gals Volume 1 Cover - Colors by ffnbVamp Rider by Pandora-GoldLet's Flow 4: Ramen Love by Lelunae

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